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Executive Shuttle / Limo

The Maximum in Luxury and Comfort is What Your Customers Demand. The ProMaster Executive Limousine Will Exceed Their Expectations.

Seat Up to 15 Passengers
in Individual Comfort and Style

Each shuttle van passenger is treated to the comfort of executive standard Trieste seats with extended legroom. Each has access to plug-in power for phones or laptops. Watch a movie. Listen to music. This people mover is a multi-passenger van that delivers comfort and style.   All this, designed to your specification, at a price far less than comparable limo vans offering far less.

Perfect for hotel/airport shuttle van services, executive transportation firms and any transportation provider that wants to deliver luxury limo services to an upscale clientele.

Executive Shuttle/Limo Options
  • USB ports provide plug-in power for all passengers
  • Classic woodgrain flooring
  • Deluxe VIP executive Trieste seats
  • Air-conditioning ducts extended to provide individual comfort
  • Running boards for easy entry and exit for an added touch of class
  • Full limo, front, and rear LED lighting
  • Flat panel HD television
  • Surround sound speakers
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